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    Create BrightBook

    You can try it for free now!

    To try it you don´t even have to register. 


    Remember that a BrightBook is essentially a magic book where you can add any kind of multimedia content (from images to videos, and yes, also any kind of documents, tables, pdf, etc.) making your book so bright that everyone will want to read it!


    To do it, in the bebrighbook´s front page, just do a simple click: 

       Be an Author  , the third button on the left column, from 5 buttons available.


    After doing it you must provide a name to your BrightBook.

    Don´t forget that when you´re creating and producing your BrightBook it will be very easy, at any time, to change its name, all you have to do is Edit Name on top menu.

    Just in front of this button you can also set the language for your book if you want to.


    Select a layout for the pages.

    You have many to choose from.

    In each layout you will also have 21 different types of pages. You can see a preview of those kind of pages when you hit each and every different layout.


    To start working in your BrightBook just click Create, it will take you, without further delay, to the production platform. Now... just use your imagination and genius and start producing your BrightBook!