1.1 What is a BrightBook?


A BrightBook is an experience of knowledge, art, science or any other human expression, reflected in a multimedia manual.


With a BrightBook you can communicate in an unique way using videos, images, sounds together with writing, providing consumers with a full connection to the messages to be transmitted.


You can create or use quizzes that make the experience even more engaging.


There are no limits to how knowledge can be shared through a BrightBook.


1.2 What is the BeBrightBook platform?


The BeBrightBook platform is a computerized ecosystem to publish multimedia content in an unique way, making it available to all interested parties through its web access.


On the BeBrightBook platform there are three main areas:


1. BrightBooks Sales Area – The BrightStore;


2. Online Archive and Consumption Area of ​​BrightBooks;


3. BrightBooks Production Area for all authors who wish to do so;


Through their login users will be able to access the already acquired, as well access the whished, produced and purchased BrightBooks.



1.3 How can I purchase BrightBooks?


BrightBooks are purchased through the BrightStore on the BeBrightBook web platform. The means of payment are mainly credit card and Paypal.


After payment, content will be immediately available on the shelf associated to each user account.


BrightBooks can be consumed through any device with internet access, or through the APP on iOS (iphone and ipad) or Android, downloaded from the APPSTORE or from GOOGLE PLAY.


APPs allow downloading for OFFLINE consumption of purchased BrightBooks.


4 downloads of a BrightBook are allowed for OFFLINE reading.




1.4 How can I find a particular BrightBook on the BrightStore?



On the BrightStore it´s possible to find all BrightBooks available for sale or those that can be accessed for free.


Searching BrightBooks can easily be done through the search fields by category, or just by keywords “tags".









2.1 How can the user access the purchased BrightBooks?


The user account allows access to purchased, wished, produced, and in production BrightBooks.


2.2 How do I purchase BrightBooks?


Purchase of BrightBooks is made through the sales platform, the BrightStore, at the website bebrightbook.com.


After buying a BrightBook its access will be available immediately and for an indefinite period, associated with your account.



2.3 How can I consume purchased BrightBooks?


BrightBooks are a highly interactive multimedia experience that can be used in a wide range of fields of knowledge and culture.


The APP downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE provides you with the best experience when using Android or IOS.


Online reading over the browser is possible when using PC or MAC or any Internet access device.


For best performance it is recommended to use Google Chrome.



2.4 Do we have to buy content to have access to it?


No. Entities that produce contents may choose to place them for sale on the BrightStore or, alternatively, make them available through the use of BrightCodes generated in the platform. They can also be available in both ways.


BrightCodes: the entity producing the content must acquire the codes on the platform at the time of publication, or whenever it wishes. Such BrightCodes may be offered or sold. BeBrightBook will not be responsible for how the codes will be made available to its users.








3.1 Who can publish BrightBooks?


Any private author, company or organization that wishes to disseminate knowledge, art, messages of any nature and that have all their legal rights, and also that observe the terms and conditions of the platform (see Terms and Conditions). Potential authors are teachers, scientists, musicians, artists, brilliant students, anyone able to project his knowledge and in general, an endless universe of creative people who wish to share their contents worldwide.

Any company can publish BrightBooks. They may be schools, language institutes, companies wishing to place their catalogs, or equipment manuals available to their customers, etc.

There is really no limit to the potential of using the BeBrightBook platform.



3.2 What is BrightBusiness?


 BrightCodes can be used as an access to contents, exclusively or in conjunction with a regular sale at the BrightStore.


What allows companies to produce multimedia documents to exclusive and selected clients. Only those who have the codes can access the associated BrightBooks by inserting them directly into the BeBrightBook platform.



3.3 What contents can be used in the production of BrightBooks?


All content, regardless of its nature, can be incorporated into the production of BrightBooks.


Content that violates national or international laws, that instigate violence, terrorism, religious intolerance, pornography and sexually explicit content and, in general, any third party rights (see "Terms and Conditions") can not be published.



3.4 Is it difficult to produce BrightBooks?


BeBrightBook platform is so simple and intuitive that allows universal use. Anyone can easily publish BrightBooks, no specific knowledge or abilities required.



3.5 Can I earn anything from the sale of BrightBooks?


The BeBrightBook platform is an universal channel providing all authors with the ability to publish content and have an interesting income from its sale.


The value of sales is owned by the authors, who give part of it to BeBrightBook as payment for the use of the platform. For more details, see the "Terms and Conditions".



3.6 I would like to publish my contents, how can I do it?


BeBrightBook allows you to publish your content, even if you are not available to do so, offering a custom production service. For this purpose, a budget must be requested via e-mail from BeBrightBook.


After producing a BrightBook it will be available on the platform, either through its sale or through BrightCode access, or both.



3.7 Can I order the production of BrightBooks on certain topics from BeBrightBook?


BeBrightBook is a partner for publishing digital content. If you want to produce a particular BrightBook on a certain subject, you can count on the BeBrightBook team, who will design the content and produce it to suit your needs.


This modality is called "BrightBook on Demand".



3.8 What are the costs for publishing BrightBooks?


Using the platform is free.


The publication is completely free.


Authors wishing to earn greater income may publish BrightBooks by subscribing to a premium service called "BeBright."


Exceptional publishing conditions are available with even more favorable income conditions for authors - typically available to established authors or authors of recognized value in their areas of activity. For this purpose, they should request it from the platform or via email.


For more details, see the "Terms and Conditions" of the platform.



3.9 Can publishers of any kind of content (music, texts, slides, movies) use the BeBrightBook platform to access the digital marketplace?


Yes, using the modalities already mentioned, or if you want specific conditions, contacting the managers of the Platform BeBrightBook, by email addressed to BeBrightBook, Lda: geral@bebrightbook.com


BeBrightBook allows for various forms of digital content disclosure.




3.10 I have many multimedia content, slides, or documents on different media, but I do not have the time or availability to edit and publish it. What to do?


The BeBrightBook platform has professionals who can help you, and according to your instructions, can create your BrightBooks. Request this help via email.


For more details, see the "Terms and Conditions" of the platform.



3.11 I intend to produce a series of BrightBooks to endow my organization (school, research center, language institute, ballet academy, etc.). Can I count on BeBrightBook´s support?


Yes, using the aforementioned methods, or asking for special conditions by contacting the managers of BeBrightBook Platform via email. For more details, see the "Terms and Conditions" of the platform.



3.12 After Produced, can I make revisions to my BrightBooks?


Yes. Each review of a BrightBook will be considered a new BrightBook, and yield a new product available on the platform for sale.



3.13 Can I remove BrightBooks from the BrightStore?


Yes. For this purpose, an email must be sent to BeBrightBook requesting such deletion. Deleting the contents of BeBrightBook will be an action taken solely by the platform managers.


BrightBooks already accessed and purchased by consumers will be available indefinitely to these consumer, since this right was granted on purchase. However they will not be available on the BrightStore for sale anymore.



3.14 What is the lifetime of a BrightBook?


It is impossible to anticipate the lifetime of a BrightBook. It depends on factors such as the will of its author, and the lifetime of the platform.








4.1 What are the percentages earned by the authors or promoters of BrightBooks?



The free author mode implies that income will increase based upon the sale’s volume of each BrightBook. The higher the value they sell, the higher the percentage they can earn, in a progression according to what is announced on the BebBrightBook website.


The authors who subscribe “BeBright” service (a premium service) receive a fixed percentage of 40% on the volume’s sales.


Authors who have special characteristics can benefit from more favorable conditions. The distribution of higher percentages to the authors will always be negotiated with BeBrightBook and accepted by the latter.


All income or earnings of authors will be subject to the deduction of applicable taxes (as is the case of VAT), or others that it is necessary to withhold from the source. Portuguese tax authorities and the author’s country of origin authorities may impose these or other taxes that will always subtracted to author’s income or earnings.



4.2 How do the authors get paid?



The authors will be compensated for the sales they obtain through the BeBrightBook platform.


BeBrightBook will wire the amounts to which the authors are entitled through their Paypal account or bank transfer.


The costs associated with bank transfers will be deducted from the authors' earnings.


Authors will be paid only after the issuance of appropriate accounting documents, which may be invoices, or receipts in the name of BeBrightBook, Lda, to be sent to BeBrightBook, or by such means as the Tax Administration determines at any time.


Transfers to authors will only be done after verification of the suitability of the documents for the purpose in view.



4.3 What accounting documents are required for payments?


Authors will be remunerated through the issuance of appropriate accounting documents, which may be invoices or receipts issued in the name of BeBrightBook, Ltd.




4.4 I am an author. How can I get information about my sales?


Each author has access, at any moment, to the information about their sales, both in number and value, as well as their income, simply by entering their backoffice associated with the "My Login" area.









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